New Gravel Power Meter

New Gravel Power Meter

Drop bar bicycles aren’t just for pavement anymore. Gravel bikes, the wildly popular new segment of skinny-ish tire bicycles are easy to get excited about, debuting new frame designs, tire clearances and even Shimano’s new fully dedicated gravel off-road/gravel groupset GRX.

While many frame designers are coming up with creative options for grinding gravel, most gravel bikes have the same basic needs, wider tire clearances and a wide (but lower) range of gearing. If you’re looking to add a power meter to your bicycle these needs can cause problems. 

Power2max has come up with a capable solution to measuring power data on your gravel build. First, our spider based power meters solve most issues made by wider tire clearances. Other companies that use sensors and batteries mounted on the nondrive side of your crank can hit the wider chainstays of new gravel bike frame designs. Even if the powermeter does clear your chainstays, tight clearance means debris like dirt, mud, and gravel itself can jam between your crankarm and chainstay damaging your frame and a crank-moutned powermeter. 

Housing our power meters in the spider has always been about reliability and durability. Having our sensor in the spider means that our powermeters are a Total Power Measurement, not just the left side with some fancy maths. In a truly varied terrain like gravel riding, where power can be applied in uneven amounts throughout your pedal stroke, Total Power Measurement is key to accurate and useful power data from your rides. 

When it comes to the new gearing solutions demanded from Gravel Bikes, riders looking to build their dream bike are met with a hard choice over gearing options. 1x or 2x? Many racers prefer 2x as they get the wider range while maintaining smaller gaps between gears. Riders just getting into Gravel rightfully can choose the ease and simplicity of 1x. But what if either rider wants the best of both worlds? 

We’re excited about our 104 Gravel Packages that have the all around solution that Gravel Bikes demand. The wide range of 104 BCD single chainrings offer more variety to the 1x users, and Power2max is excited for our specially produced, 104 BCD Gravel 2x Chainrings. Our brand new, exclusive Gravel Chainrings are available in 46/30t and 48/31t, sub-compact, Gravel optimised gearing ratios.

Our unique 104 BCD Gravel Power Meter is the best option for accurate, gravel ride power data. Not only our tested, proven Spider Based power meter, but gearing options that mean you can use one crankset for 1x and 2x gravel setups. Whether you want to switch between 1x and 2x for specific events, or just want to make sure your powermeter is ready for the next N+1 addition to your Gravel Bike quiver. 

Did we mention GRX? Our Gravel Powermeter’s chainline has been optimized for the Shimano GRX groupset’s front derailleur. Meaning those using 2x are going to be able to take full advantage of the redesigned, wider clearance Shimano GRX front derailleur. And those coming from road bikes will find comfort in our solutions Q-Factor. Our Powermeter spider corrects for the chainline, while using standard road cranks (and the narrower road Q-Factor). 

So get excited to get out on some epic adventures in riding, training and racing on the gravel. We’ve got you covered with the best power meter solution on the market for gravel bikes as you head out onto the back roads, into the woods and into the sunset on your new Gravel steed.

Our Gravel powermeter is unique on the market in offering:

  • Shimano GRX Spacing (standard Road spacing an option for Rotor cranks)
  • Narrow Road Q Factor unlike Shimano GRX
  • Ability to run either 1x or 2x (subcompact 48/31 or 46/30) chainring setups
  • Direct GRX crank replacement
  • Direct Praxis spider and chainring replacement
  • Direct Easton spider and chainring replacement
  • Cannondale Topstone Carbon (BB30a-83mm) compatible options in all of our Easton cranks
  • Options for budget-builds to the superlight Easton EC90 SL
  • 1x chainrings compatible with Sram 11/12 speed chains and Shimano 10/11 speed chains
  • Nearly every crank length option:
  • 150mm and 155mm available in Rotor Aldhu 30mm
  • 160mm available in Rotor Aldhu 30mm, Praxis Alba, Praxis Zayante Carbon
  • 165mm available in Rotor Aldhu 24, Rotor Aldhu 30mm, Rotor Power2max, Praxis Alba, Praxis Zayante Carbon
  • 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm available on all our crank options