Power meters are high precision instruments that need to work even under the most adverse conditions. The history behind power2max power meters begins almost a decade ago and is driven by the passion for cycling and engineering. The core of the power2max team comes from an automotive background. Our engineers used to develop and manufacture wireless solutions for leading car makers in Germany. Our founders are also cyclists and noticed that power meters were still extremely expensive and not as user friendly as one would expect. The idea to use our engineering competence to develop a product that’s easier to use and more reliable than existing solutions, extremely precise and yet affordable is born. In 2008 we start taking steps towards developing a product, but are still undecided on the type of power meter we want to build. We test different approaches and gather experience. Some concepts make it as far as functioning prototypes.

Changing the game: precision and reliability at an affordable price point

Over the next two years we develop our spider based power meters. We have chosen this technology for the following reasons:

  • Reliable and precise under all conditions and use scenarios
  • No wear and tear due to moving parts
  • Extremely easy to use – the “just works” factor
  • Possible to offer at an attractive price point

Getting it done – from concept to “just works”

Getting from the idea to a reliable, finished, product is a long and sometimes tricky process. A lot of hurdles needs to be overcome. Our development team combines about 50 years of experience in a very demanding industry – automobiles. We apply the same rigor to the development of our product as we would apply if we were developing for an industry client. Each aspect of our power meters gets designed and simulated in detail, extensively tested, gets certified, and is tested for reliability in production. As part of the development process our power meters get stress tested in lab facilities far beyond the levels the power meters will be exposed to on a bike. The data from lab, together with the results of live testing, give us valuable information on the precision and reliability of our products.

2010: launch of power2max

In August 2010 we launch our products at Eurobike with a small stand. Feedback is very positive and we attack the next phase full of enthusiasm: delivery of the first power meters before Christmas! Everybody works around the clock to make the deadline: we finish our website to be able to take orders and work around the clock to make sure production is done on time and to the quality level we strive to.

2011 till today: evolution and expansion

After the launch in 2010 we evolve steadily. In 2011 we open power2max North America and start working with partners around the globe. We steadily increase the choice of cranks and introduce a MTB model. At Eurobike 2013 we present the second generation of power2max power meters: Type S. The new generation causes a big stir and makes it into the World Tour on Movistar Team’s bikes and as a development reference on Team Lampre’s bikes. Our products continue to be refined and now all report left-right balance and use full temperature compensation.

The way ahead

Our growing presence and reputation shows us that the market accepts and values the power2max concept and encourages us to continue on our path. Our goal is to be a competent and reliable partner for all athletes – from the ultra competitive professional athletes to enthusiastic amateurs. This means we will continue to concentrate on four key areas:

  • Continued high quality
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Reliability
  • Affordable, fair prices

Keep the rubber side down and the watts up!

Your power2max team