Aerodrome Unit

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Down to the millisecond accurate timing. The aerodrome unit, a wireless lap trigger with a tapeswtich, marks the start and end of each lap providing sub-millisecond accuracy and then transmits it directly to aerosensor. Within a velodrome, the track shape has a great influence on the drag measurement, due to the lean angle of the bike. Given this, knowing the relativity of where the bike is on the track then allows the system to account for this and give a highly repeatable measure of drag lap after lap. Timing information is then relayed, wirelessly, onto aerosensor, with accuracy better than 1ms synchronizing track position with its internal calculation and allowing compensation for track shape.

The CdA and laptime instantly transmits to your headunit, giving the user immediate comparison to the previous lap through the CIQ app (Garmin Connect 3rd party app), and recording it to a FIT file for post-ride analysis.

The combination of aerodrome and aerosensor provide you with affordable, personal, and world-class aerodynamic testing in a real-world environment.


  • High accuracy wireless lap timer.
  • Enables high accuracy CdA direct to your bike computer lap by lap.
  • Live track-side data monitoring via a laptop.


Box Contents:

  • Aerodrome device.
  • Tapeswitch cable.
  • Start-up guide.