Power and Aerodynamics

Power and Aerodynamics

Power2Max meets aerosensor!

We have always been fascinated by performance, which is why, for the last 14 years, we have delivered top end power meters to our customers, all over North America. Designed to be extremely reliable, durable and accurate, our power meter units are a worthy investment for anyone looking to collect meaningful data and attribute it to dedicated training and riding. In the world of performance, and in some cases, marginal gains, we recently sought out the next best thing for our customers by combining forces with Aerosensor - a company committed to providing the user with comprehensive performance data, all of which can be utilized in combination with everything Power2Max has offered over the years.

With a background in Formula 1 aerodynamics, Aerosensor was created to bring aerodynamics testing to all cyclists and triathletes looking to gain a decisive advantage on the road and the track - without a wind tunnel.

We are firm believers in the relationship between power and knowledge, with how one propels the other, and in order to push yourself further forward, we are always first to welcome an approach to collect even more data. Their intuitive and real-time feedback allow the user to optimize their aerodynamics and improve their cycling efficiency. The Aerosensor Cycling System is comprised of three devices in one seamless ecosystem:

  • Aerosensor: a real-time aerodynamic drag measurement device with wind-tunnel standards of accuracy.
  • Aerobody: a non-contact body position sensor with 1mm accuracy - your virtual reminder to stay aero.
  • Aerodrome: a wireless lap trigger with sub-millisecond accuracy built for the track.

The Aerosensor Cycling System was created for the real world, but also can be used at home on the trainer. By using Aerobody, riders can train their position in an indoor environment, and then reap the rewards outdoors. Repeatability and a non-complex user interface through their very own Garmin Connect app, allow cyclists to collect as much data as they need to perfect their on-the-bike position through an infinite number of tests. 

Coming full circle, this relationship is the perfect marriage as our power meter units offer the most reliable and consistently accurate power readings out there. You have trusted us to get you to the line many times before, and we hope that you are also excited by the opportunity to tap into even more of your potential with us. Please feel free to reach out to us either online or in person with any inquiries on how to get faster and go further with a minimal change to your power output.