NGeco MTB Praxis

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  • $590.00 USD



For all mountainbikers who already use a direct mount Praxis single crank set with 3 Bolt Interface. The correct power meter for the 52mm BOOST Chainline.


Compatible frame formats BB30, BB386EVO, BB86, BB92, BBRight, BBRight Pressfit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30

Sensor weight 104 BCD Boost
125 g
Decal Set for NG and NGeco (Free)
Decal Set for NG and NGeco - Black
Decal Set for NG and NGeco - White
Decal Set for NG and NGeco - Red
Decal Set for NG and NGeco - Blue
Decal Set for NG and NGeco - Green
Incompatible options are greyed out.
Praxis Works OEM Installed MTB single Sram 11S, 12S, Shimano 11S
+ $45.00 USD
+ $45.00 USD
+ $45.00 USD
Wolf Tooth Installed MTB single Shimano 12 speed
+ $65.00 USD
Garbaruk MTB single Sr 11/12S (including transmission), Shim11/12S- Installed
+ $65.00 USD
+ $65.00 USD
+ $65.00 USD
+ $65.00 USD
Select one or more.
Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor.
+ $89.99 USD
Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2
+ $429.99 USD
Born Sportcare Package
+ $100.00 USD

    NGeco MTB Power Meter

    • Made For
    • Accuracy
      +/- 2%
    • Drivetrain options
      single, double
    • Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) Options
      104 mm Single (Sram & Raceface), 104 / 64 mm Double (Sram & Raceface), 96mm Single (FSA), 96 / 68 mm Double (FSA)Drive train compatibility
      single or double drive trains
    • Chainline
      single boost, single standard, double standard
    • NGeco MTB spider-only options
      SRAM / Raceface
    • NGeco MTB set options including power meter spider, cranks, chainrings and bolts
      FSA Afterburner // FSA SL-K
    • Crank length FSA Afterburner and SL-K
      170mm / 175 mm
    • FSA chainrings
      36-24 // 38-24
    • NGeco MTB colour decal
      green, black, blue, white, and red
    • NGeco MTB Upgrades
      Left-Right Balance, Pedal Smoothness, Torque
    • NGeco warranty
      2 years


    power2max NG / NGeco is designed for maximum compatibility. It fits BB386EVO and BB86 frames even better than before and works with all aero chain rings without restrictions. We even have models for the new Shimano 4-hole bolt patten in our line-up.



    Start pedaling, and it works. This is how simple and realiable power measurement should be. We have done everything to make it that way:

    • “Auto Zero” – no need to zero your power meter manually
    • No cadence magnet needed
    • Freedom to change chain rings without affecting calibration
    • Change the battery yourself


    power2max power meters deliver precise and reliable data under all conditions: whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, you can rely on your power2max. our power meters are fully waterproofed and the in-built temperature compensation mechanism ensures your power2max always stays accurate.

    ±2% Precision

    ±2% Precision

    power2max power meters deliver state of the art data: our power meters achieve accuracy of ±2% or better including all environmental influences. We achieve this accuracy through our refined design and high quality manufacturing process..

    Made in Germany

    Designed, engineered, and made in Germany

    We manufacture our power meters in Germany. The advantage for you? Consistently high quality and a product that is reliable.

    ANT+ ANT+/Bluetooth

    power2max power meters use the ANT+ and Bluetooth standard to transmit data wirelessly to your bike computer. Those two standards guarantee reliable transmission and offer a large number of bike computers to choose from.

    Left Right Balance

    Left-right balance

    Your power2max power meter estimates the contribution of your left and right leg as your ride. This offers useful additional information for your training.Note: Power right = downward pressure on the right plus upward pull on the left. Power left = downward pressure on the left and upward pull on the right