Rotor 4224 (BB30 to 24)

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BB 4224 (BB30 to 24)

Your brand loyalty is admirable; your acute knowledge of so-called standards gets tested every time you add a new bike to the stable. In a perfect world, you'd be able to easily swap out parts based on what kind of riding you feel like doing that day. But guess what? In a less-than-perfect world, for you ROTOR designed the BB 4224 for your BB30 shell to accommodate your cranks with a 24mm axle. The BB 4224 is the "yes" component to "Is this compatible with my BB30 bottom bracket for a 24mm axle?"

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PF4224 68mm road steel black - 119g

PF4224 68mm road ceramic red - 113g


  • - Designed to work with BB30 bottom brackets
  • - 100% CNC-machined, 7075 aluminum
  • - Labyrinth seals prevent bearing contamination
  • - Designed to work with ROTOR and Shimano 24mm cranksets