Is my frame compatible?

The compatibility of your frame depends primarily on your bottom bracket. Typically speaking, if your frame has a threaded BB, BB30, or PF30 bottom bracket you choices are fairly unrestricted. On certain frames with BB86 or BB386EVO bottom brackets the sensor may collide with the frame so only the BB386EVO power meters will work. If you are unsure which power meter is best suited to your bike, please find out what kind of bottom bracket the bike has and then contact us.

Can I use my existing crank?

You can use your existing crank if it has a removable crank spider and if we have a compatible sensor for it. For road bikes we have sensors for the following cranks:
– Cannondale Hollowgram
– Rotor 3D, 2D, 3D30, 3D+, 3D Flow, and 3DF
– Specialized S-Works and FACT
– SRAM S90, S950 and Force22

What is a removable spider?

Check out this video on chain ring spiders and BCD.

Can I use power2max with 11-speed drive trains?

Yes, power2max power meters are compatible with 11-speed drive trains. All you need are 11-speed compatible chain rings for your power2max.

Please note that original Campagnolo chain rings are only compatible with Type S Campagnolo models.

What kind of bike computer do I need?

For NG and NGeco you need an ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible computer that reads power data. In our shop we have a number of options that includes the Garmin Edge 520 and 1000 along with the Wahoo Bolt and Elmnt.

Is Power2max Bluetooth compatible?

Our NG and NGeco power meters are both Bluetooth compatible.

Can I re-use my FSA chain rings?

This is a question that we get asked a lot and sadly the answer is no. Even though you may be getting an FSA crank, the OEM chain rings that come with your original crank (FSA, Cannondale, and Vision) will not work with after-market cranks. In fact, sometimes even the after-market FSA rings won’t work with after-market cranks…The issue is with the small chain ring, when you try to install it you’ll find that the chain ring deforms and does not sit flush with the power meter. As the rings are engineered to work as a closed system it’s not something you can substitute for another brand either, which makes the big ring useless as well.