Technical Information

What makes Power2max powermeters special?

Exceptional quality is our top priority and we do not compromise in this regard. We offer you exceptional features at a very attractive price:

  • simple2use – switch on, start pedaling, and it works
  • built2resist – Power2max power meters resist all weather conditions and are fully water proofed
  • Precision of at least ±2% – state of the art (±1% for NG Models)
  • Designed, engineered and made in Germany
  • ANT+ Standard – the popular and reliable standard that gives maximum compatibility
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Left-right balance, Pedal Smoothness, Torque Measurement (Bluetooth only)

How do Power2max powermeters work?

Our power meters work in the same manner as other crank-based systems on the market. Power2max replaces the spider between the crank arm and chain rings with a unit that measures torque, and thus power. The Power2max spider uses strain gauges to measure torque and transmits data wirelessly via ANT+ or Bluetooth

Can I also view torque?

Torque Values can viewed while using the NG paired with a Bluetooth compatible device. Torque values can also be transmitted using the NGeco after purchasing an additional software upgrade.