Use and Maintenance

How often will I need to change the battery?

Typically speaking, the battery in the NGeco will need to be replaced every 300-400 hours of use depending on the temperature. Click here to see a video of the NGeco battery installation. NG power meters have an expected charge life of 150 hours before needing to be recharged.

Which values do Power2max powermeters measure?

Type NG measures power, cadence, left-right balance, pedal smoothness and transmits the values to ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible head units. It also measures torque values and transmits the values to Bluetooth compatible head units only. The NGeco measures power, cadence and transmits the values to ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible units. Software upgrades can purchased to allow the NGeco to transmit left-right balance, Torque and pedal smoothness values.

What kind of software can I use to analyze my data?

There is a large number of solutions available on the market. You can use the software that comes with your bike computer (e.g., Garmin Connect), you can use a third party desktop software (e.g., WKO+, GoldenCheetah), or an online program (e.g.,

Does Power2max need a magnet to determine cadence?

power2max power meters do not need a magnet to calculate cadence as the power meter calculates it internally.

Can I clean the sensor with a pressure washer?

Cleaning with a pressure washer or steam cleaner is not recommended. We generally recommend cleaning with warm soapy water.